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At HR Services Scotland, we offer an ISO audit for companies hoping to work towards, and/ or maintain ISO certification.

An ISO certification is a statement to your stakeholders, employees and senior management that your business will operate to a set framework in order to achieve the company’s objectives.

This proves the company’s commitment to fulfil these objectives, which can help give your stakeholders peace of mind.

What does the audit involve?

Our team member will look for evidence that your company is carrying out work to the required set framework. They will assess the workings of your business.

Why would you want this certification?

Many customers will only consider working with businesses that have ISO certification, as they consider this a sign that your company is worthwhile and can be trusted to work with.

Once you have the ISO certification, you can advertise your achievements and respond to a wider range of requests. Many customers and other companies make ISO certification an absolute must before they will even consider working with you, so once you have this recognition you can work with a larger spectrum of companies.

ISO certification is essentially a measurement of a company’s Quality Management System, so it’s no surprise that having a UKAS-Approved ISO Certificate can help to improve the quality of every process and product within the company.

As a result, you will have a far better understanding of how your business operates. To achieve this, , it is required to de-construct your business operations and try to analyse every aspect of your company; adding value wherever appropriate.

Here are some other benefits associated with being ISO certified:

Improve company culture

Implementing a formally audited ISO Certified system, can help to empower your employees, gives them a clear plan for their work moving forward, and provides them with the tools necessary to do their job.

Improve consistency

Reducing the amount of variation in processes can allow a company to focus their efforts more efficiently. ISO certification can help your employees identify areas of work that need to be prioritized, and improve the consistency of each process that they output.

Achieve International Quality Recognition

ISO Certification is an internationally recognised standard used by close to 1 million organizations around the world.

If you’d like our team to come and audit your company to see if you would be eligible for an ISO Certification project, , or if you could simply use a ‘sense check’ or pre-audit support, please get in touch with us today.