Employer’s Guide To Euro 2016

Euro 2016

The 2016 UEFA football European championships start on 10th June 2016, with 51 matches due to be played in France over the course of a month. With some matches taking place during or close to many employees’ normal working hours, employers need to plan ahead to minimise potential disruption.

England and Wales have been drawn together in the same group. The two countries face each other on Thursday 16 June 2016 at 2.00pm, scheduling that is sure to provide a headache for many employers.

Employees who know their employer will be monitoring sickness absence are less likely to “pull a sickie” to be able to watch a match (or recover from over-celebration (or commiseration) from the night before).

Employers can help to control short-term sickness absence by making their sickness absence policy clear and addressing the situation if they suspect that an employee’s sickness is not genuine.

Reinforcing the company’s sickness absence policy to employees before the championships begin may make workers less likely to phone in sick to work if they are not genuine. This could be addressed at a staff meeting or via email so that all employees are aware of the current absence management policy.

However, employers should also ensure not to assume automatically the sickness during the Euro 2016 Tournament is not genuine. If you do suspect an employee may have “pulled a sickie” then it is important to gather information and carry out a return to work meeting to establish the reasons for their absence. If inconsistencies appear in their story then you may take this matter further.

In short, employers should be mindful of the Euro 2016 Tournament and the impact it may have on their absence rates. To avoid pushing a negative, hard management approach to this sporting event, companies may consider allowing employees, where appropriate, to follow events during working hours on via TV, radio, or online streams.

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