Employment Law updates April 2015

Employment Law updates April 2015

This post covered all of the Employment Law updates April 2015.

Employment Law updates April 2015.

New statutory pay rates

Statutory pay for maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave will increase to £139.58 per week.

Statutory sick pay (SSP) rate will increase to £88.45 per week.

Statutory adoption leave and pay

The statutory adoption leave will no longer have the 26-week qualifying period, and adoption pay will be brought in line with maternity pay, which will be 90% of normal earning for the first six weeks.

Parental Leave extended to 18

The right to unpaid parental leave will be extended to parents of any child under the age of 18 years.

Provided they meet the eligibility criteria parents who have a child through surrogacy will be permitted to take ordinary paternity leave and pay, adoption leave and pay and shared parental leave and pay. Both parents will also be entitled to take unpaid time off to attend two antenatal appointments with the woman carrying the child.

New limit for redundancy pay

The limit for a week’s pay when calculating redundancy pay will increase to £475.

New compensation limits for employment tribunal awards

The limit for a week’s pay will increase to £475 when calculating compensation for basic unfair dismissal. The maximum compensation amount will increase to £78,335.

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