Police Scotland Pilot Scheme for Drivers

average speed cameras tolerance

The Scottish Government has approved a change in procedures for Police Scotland to prosecute speeding drivers regarding the average speed cameras tolerance.

Generally there is a discretionary ‘10% plus 2mph’ average speed cameras tolerance on a driver’s speed before the police will issue a fine. This will no longer apply from this autumn as a pilot scheme, that will run for 6 months, is to be introduced in Scotland.

The reason given for the withdrawal of the threshold is the progress made in the accuracy of speed cameras and detection equipment and more importantly, an increase in road casualties in Britain – up 6% last year when compared to 2012 levels.

A first time offender will be issued with a formal warning letter. If a second speeding offence is detected, then a fixed penalty of £100 and 3 points will be issued or the offence reported to the Procurator Fiscal.