Preventing Political Debates in the Workplace

political debates in the workplace

With the upcoming General Election, political discussions are undoubtedly sparked within the workplace. It can be a very controversial debate when politics is the topic of conversation and so HRSS have some tips on how to acknowledge different peoples’ opinions whilst maintaining decorum within the workplace during political debates in the workplace.

Any sort of discussions in the workplace that are not work-related should be kept to break and lunch times, especially political debates in the workplace. It is important that managers and supervisors ensure the workplace remains focused on the task at hand. Focus the workforce on shared goals and continuously encourage/support your employees to work towards achieving these goals. This will help to reduce chat out with break times.

Political discussions can develop into workplace conflicts which will have a negative impact on productivity and efficiency as well as employee relations within the workplace. Employers have the right to respond through disciplinary action to any employee who displays discrimination towards another employee through their political views.

Employers should ban any political paraphernalia including badges, posters, stickers or signs. This will reduce the possibility of political discussions happening as these items will prompt conversations. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the leaders within an organisation to set an example of what good looks like – in all aspects of workplace behaviour. It is very difficult to police political conversations in the office, however strong leadership ensuring employees stay on task and emphasising mutual respect will help to reduce any political debates in the workplace.

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