Quality Management System To Gain ISO 9001 Accreditation

iso 9001 requirements

HR Services Scotland Ltd supports many businesses in managing their Human Resources and Health and Safety.  These systems are in place to effectively manage two major aspects of running your business – but the question is who is running the operations of the business?

The Team at HR Services Scotland Ltd deliver Quality Management Systems (QMS) to our clients by reviewing the operations, creating a bespoke quality management system, implementing robust processes and procedures and measuring results to enable our clients to work towards optimising their performance and consistently delivering quality goods and services.

Whether you are looking to secure tenders, trade globally or roll out a consistent approach and reduce risks within the operation, we can offer as little or as much support as you need to secure this accreditation.

This will demonstrate commitment to your customers and assist in growing your business simply by implementing an effective Quality Management System (QMS) and helping secure ISO 9001 requirements.

Not only will your Q.M.S drive continuous improvement within your business, it will also present new opportunities within the marketplace. Contracts available through the tender process often require bidders to have a Quality Policy and Quality Management System in place providing the client with assurance that quality products, services and standards will be met consistently.

Opportunities from international clients will also grow if you are accredited by the International Standards Organisation (ISO 9001) as companies will then know that you are meeting the set global standards.

Having a quality management system can help streamline processes, reduce errors, reduce time, increase capacity, increase productivity, reduce costs, develop your employees and also offers the opportunity for organisation as a whole, to work towards excellence.

We are mindful that many S.M.E’s need the expertise of a quality manager but they often don’t need to employ a Quality Manager on a full time basis.  This is where HR Services Scotland can add value to SME’s, by undertaking the Quality Manager’s role for as little or as much time as required to effectively manage their system.  The client receives the benefit of employing a quality professional for only the time that is required to meet the needs of the Quality Management System (QMS).  Your staff will then have the organisational knowledge to competently carry out the business processes and we provide the training, management and consultancy required to enable them to manage their processes and ensure that the system is effective.

At HR Services Scotland Ltd we have a qualified team of Commercial Consultants who deliver bespoke Quality Management Systems (QMS), Consultancy and support to clients varying in size and industry.  With many years’ experience, as well as IRCA registration, our Consultants work hand in hand to support clients through ISO 9001 accreditation.  The services we provide that help fulfil ISO 9001 requirements:

  1. Gap Analysis – to identify where your organisation is against the standard.
  2. System Build – to build a bespoke quality management system for your business.
  3. Awareness Training – Training staff to understand the Quality Management System (QMS) and their responsibilities.  Little jargon – complete understanding.
  4. Implementation – working with staff to implement the QMS.
  5. Internal Audit – Conducting internal audits and reporting on areas of improvement.
  6. An ongoing maintenance and support program.

 If we can help you with this please contact our Commercial Consultants on 0800 652 2610 and they will be happy to discuss the process to make your business ISO 9001 compliant.

If you have any other HR or Health and Safety issues, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our HR or Health and Safety Team at HR Services Scotland Ltd on 0800 652 2610.