The Importance Of Training

benefits of employee development and training

Training is an important part of an individual employees’ development which consequently is a key factor in an organisation’s development and success. Training employees has a number of benefits; however, many organisations consider training and development a time-consuming, costly process which they do not have time for. The benefits, however, outweigh the costs and training employees is a worthwhile investment. This post identifies those benefits of employee development and training.

Employers wouldn’t recruit unqualified workers, however at time under-qualified individuals may be hired. It is important to remember that over the course of an individuals’ employment they can become under-qualified as a result of continuously changing technology or after new methods or techniques have been developed within the industry in which they operate within.

Benefits of employee development and training

  • Untrained employees can make unhappy employees. Employees are much less likely to feel valued and will instead feel inadequate and as if they are underachieving and unsupported by the organisation. Employees who are unhappy in their work are less likely to care about their work, underperform and make more mistakes. All of which will cost an organisation both time and money. Training employees will ensure that your workforce feels valued, and job satisfaction will increase.
  • Untrained employees have a lower quality of work and their performance is far lower than it could be.
  • It takes untrained employees longer to carry out tasks within their roles and more time means more money spent.
  • Untrained employees are more likely to make mistakes, meaning both materials and time is wasted. Or, the inadequate or faulty product is delivered to a customer which can result in reputational damage and loss of customers.

At HR Services Scotland, we offer a number of different training courses that can help you reap the benefits of employee development and training.

Some of the training courses we offer are;

Classroom based Training Online Training
·         First Aid at Work


·         Asbestos Awareness
·         Emergency First Aid at Work


·         Level 1 and 2 Food Safety manufacturing/Catering/Retail
·         First Aid at Work Requalification


·         Automated External Defibrillation


·         Manual handling
·         Paediatric First Aid


·         Basic Fire Safety Awareness
·         Anaphylaxis Awareness


·         Fire Marshal

This list is not exhaustive, contact us to find out all of the training courses we provide.

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