Tips on Surviving the Heatwave

How can employees regulate their temperatures in hot conditions?

In a working environment it is always better to be subjected to cooler surroundings so that the body can expend its energy on cognitive processes instead of correcting the temperature state of the body.

To defeat the heat and keep teams ‘brain fit’, it helps to ensure they have the right resources on hand to keep cool, such as:

  • Keeping the water dispensers topped up – drinking at least four to six glasses a day keeps our brains hydrated which affects overall brain health
  • Ensure blinds are on the windows
  • Avoid working in hot areas or full sun, if possible
  • Ensure your staff are working in air-conditioned or well-ventilated areas
  • Encouraging staff to take regular breaks
  • Arranging high physical energy activities in the early mornings or at cooler times of the day
  • Staff should exercise in the early mornings as opposed to late afternoons when the temperature of the environment is much higher
  • Recommending protective clothing over their head when working outside – the head has many thermal receptors that increase the temperature in the body
  • Wearing protective but breathable or loose clothing to help skin cool down through perspiration

When we don’t follow the tips above, the heat acts as a stressor to the body causing us to spend unnecessary energy and decrease our overall performance.