Tips for Team Building

team building best practices

In any workplace, the entire workforce help to contribute to the overall success of the organisation. There are a number of benefits an employer can reap from having a strong team such as increased efficiency, a culture of creativity and innovation can be created, positive working relationships enable employees to build on their skills and abilities from each other, trust is built upon and increased, conflicts are less likely to occur and if they do arise they can be resolved quickly and it encourages employees to work harder and take responsibility for their contribution to achieving goals and objectives.

Team building best practices – our top 7 tips

HR Services Scotland has a number of team building best practices and to help employers achieve a strong team within their organisation:

  1. Create a common mission or vision. Having a common mission or vision which clearly outlines where the company wants to go and how they are going to get there will ensure all employees are working towards a mutual, shared goal.
  2. Ensure that goals and objectives are communicated clearly to all staff and that they are understood by employees.
  3. Make clear all employees’ roles and responsibilities and where possible align these with the organisational goals and objectives. Identifying where roles and responsibilities may overlap within teams can also enable senior managers to re-configure teams which comprise of an even distribution of the various job roles within the company, increasing efficiency and performance.
  4. Ensure that the management team are on board and continuously supporting employees. Evaluating what employees’ needs are – particularly within their teams. Making a conscious effort to address employees’ needs will increase commitment and loyalty from your workforce.
  5. Ensure individual employees are continuously challenged and engaged within their teams.
  6. Carry out team building exercises out of the workplace away from any distractions such as emails or telephone calls.
  7. Encourage open communication, ensuring individual employees feel comfortable making management and their teams aware of their needs. This will ensure teams are continually productive.


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